Grilling Tool Set Buying Guide

Grilling is one of the most interesting facets of human culinary achievements, and it is arguably the most fundamental. Cooking things over an open fire was the original stovetop; we have since attempted to recreate this archetype of cooking by generating a grill. Grills are capable of reaching temperatures much higher than the average oven, and they create a unique and delicious flavor opportunity for the majority of foods. To grill successfully, though, you need the right tools. A proper grilling tool set is imperative for use, because they are capable of withstanding the immense heat produced by a grill. Durability, heat resistance, and reach are what needs to be considered in an appropriate grilling tool set buying guide.

What Types Of Tools You’ll Need

Because grilling often involves too many kinds of cuisine to list, you will quite likely need more than just a sturdy pair of tongs. The best grilling tool set can incorporate much more. Different types of foods require different types of cooking, and if you’re grilling then you should have the following tools readily available:

  • Tongs, because they are a flame-retarded extension of your own hand
  • Spatula, because this will help you when your tongs cannot
  • Instant probe thermometer, because serving undercooked meat is dangerous
  • Grill brush, to keep the bane of old charred food from tainting your newest cooking adventure
  • Grilling fork, because some things are just too awkwardly shaped or weird to be moved with a spatula or tongs

What You Should Look For

When it comes to tongs, spatulas, and grilling forks, you should look for a pair that is at least 16 inches long. These items should be long, but not so long that you feel incompetent in your attempts at flipping veggies or meats. You should aim for stainless steel that resists high temperatures. Grips often make it easier to use these different grilling tool sets appropriately.

For the best type of thermometer, you should get one that is accurate with a two-degree variation and one that takes less than ten seconds to display the temperature. That way you can guarantee that your meat is cooked thoroughly.

This wouldn’t be a very thorough grilling tool set buying guide without examining what constitutes a quality grill brush, because cleanliness is just as important to cooking success. Using a wire grill brush that is roughly 18 inches in length with stainless steel bristles and a thick handle gives you the most opportune method of scrubbing the grill clean.